“Good News”

Keep Trying!

How do you look at what seems to be impossible?
As you begin your week my prayer is that you commit whatever you are aspiring to do to the Lord. May be bless you this week!
As our accountability challenge begins this week I thought I’d share a little word about being accountable. I love this thought. Being accountable allows us to take charge of our circumstances! Make today the day you start being accountable.
The Spirit of God gives us the strength, power, love, and discipline to get through each day.
Love this scripture from the Bible and the pic dailyverses.net made of it! Physical training is important but it’s not the most important. Your relationship with God is.
Remember you have God given strength and dignity. You may face challenges but with God on your side there is no reason to have fear.
Today we celebrated the life of a great man that ended way to short. The service was beautiful and was a reminder that good friendships are so important for our souls. Make sure you tell your friends how much you love them.
As you enter the week of Valentine’s Day, this is a good reminder of what love really is. It’s something to be shared with everyone.