“Good News”

Sometimes our lives are so cluttered that if we are not careful we will miss out on the best of what God has in store for us. Make sure you are always doing an inventory of what’s going on around you. There are many good things but that doesn’t always mean that its right for you. Just because you are called to something today does not mean you will be called to it forever. God has a way of always changing and enriching our lives with new things. Make sure you are spending time with God asking him to show you areas of your life that need a good cleaning so you can make room for His best.
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When we keep God in our lives there is nothing we cannot do. Always look to the Lord as your guide and your strength.
As our kids head to school this year let us pray this over our teachers, coaches,, administrators, and students. May they be and example to follow. A light in a sometimes dark world.

Every day we are faced with situations that call for strength. Many times we don’t feel like we have what it takes to get through those moments in our life. Always remember your strength comes from the Lord. He can get you through anything.

It doesn’t take much for the every day in and outs of life to steal our peace and joy. When you find this happening look to the Lord!

God gives us the ability to face anything without fear. He is always with us! God bless you all and have a wonderful week!
This verse is so true and so comforting especially when you face extremely tough and frightening situations. God is faithful to listen and answer when you go to him in prayer. There is a peace that only He can give. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I send this verse out to all my friends, clients, and readers who are currently fighting Breast Cancer as well as those who have fought and are survivors. May this scripture bring you peace and comfort.
Sometimes things don’t always go as we plan. What we see as hard is sometimes God preparing us for greater things. We don’t always see the challenge as an opportunity. Change your perspective and see what God can do.

Keep Trying!

How do you look at what seems to be impossible?
As you begin your week my prayer is that you commit whatever you are aspiring to do to the Lord. May be bless you this week!
As our accountability challenge begins this week I thought I’d share a little word about being accountable. I love this thought. Being accountable allows us to take charge of our circumstances! Make today the day you start being accountable.
The Spirit of God gives us the strength, power, love, and discipline to get through each day.
Love this scripture from the Bible and the pic dailyverses.net made of it! Physical training is important but it’s not the most important. Your relationship with God is.
Remember you have God given strength and dignity. You may face challenges but with God on your side there is no reason to have fear.
Today we celebrated the life of a great man that ended way to short. The service was beautiful and was a reminder that good friendships are so important for our souls. Make sure you tell your friends how much you love them.
As you enter the week of Valentine’s Day, this is a good reminder of what love really is. It’s something to be shared with everyone.